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Breast reduction

Breast reduction and remodeling surgery removes part of the fat, skin and breast tissue and positions (elevates) the areola-nipple complex to place it in the right spot.

What is the process like?

Breast reduction surgery is undertaken by certain patients due to back pain, excess weight on the shoulders when using a bra, redness in the breast creases or women who, by aesthetics, want to reduce the size of their breasts so that they are in harmony with their body contour.

Doctor Urcelay will perform a breast examination of the patient, evaluate the shape and size of the breasts, and explain to the patient the most appropriate surgical technique for her case. The breast is evaluated from a radiological point of view, either with an ultrasound or a mammography, depending on the age of the patient.

What is the operation like?

Breast reduction surgery is usually performed under general anesthesia, with one night of hospital admission. The extent of the operation is approximately 3 hours.

In the breast reduction surgery, the incisions vary: they can be around the areola, a vertical scar or an inverted T. The type of incision will be chosen by the doctor and explained to the patient, depending on the size and reduction (ptosis) of the breasts needed to achieve a rounded breast of the adequate size for the patient, raising and modifying the situation and complex areola-nipple.

Depending on the technique used, adapted to the size of the patient’s breasts, the possibility of breastfeeding can be maintained. The sensitivity of the nipple is conserved although it may be slightly altered in the first weeks after the surgery.

And the postoperative?

The patient is discharged the day after the surgery, without drainage (sometimes it is not necessary) and with a special bra. It is not a painful operation because it does not touch muscular structures responsible for pain.

The patient should lead a calmed life without physical exertion during the first few weeks after the surgery. The patient will be able to go back to work after 7-10 postoperative days, taking into account the physical effort that the job of each patient requires. The stitches are absorbable and therefore do not need to be removed.

During the postoperative period, Dr. Urcelay’s instructions regarding medication and wound care must be followed to obtain an optimal result.


Starting at 5.000 €, but it is advisable that your case be evaluated by Dr. Urcelay so she can diagnose the most appropriate treatment for your needs.

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