Reconstructive surgery / Pediatric plastic surgery

Pediatric plastic surgery

It treats the different congenital shape defects in children with reconstructive and esthetic aims.

cirugía plástica pediátrica
What is the process like?

This procedure corrects cleft lip defects, cleft palate (cleft palate), defects of the ear (malformations, blowing ears), cutaneous tumors, vascular anomalies (hemangiomas, vascular malformations with/without surgery, propranolol and radioguided sclerosis with bleomycin), malformations in hands and feet, adolescent breast, burn sequelae…

The doctor will evaluate the area to be treated, the age and the child’s general state of health, and will present to the parents the treatment options most appropriate for the specific case, as well as the expected results.

What is the operation like?

Pediatric surgery interventions usually require general anesthesia and hospitalization for 24 to 48 hours. Children are always accompanied by their parents, except in the operating room.

And the postoperative?

The recovery is usually fast, and the patient can lead a normal life within a few weeks of the intervention.