Aesthetic medicine / EarFold


Innovative treatment for the correction of protruding ears through minimally invasive incisions. Immediate effect with a minimal postoperative.

What is the process like?

In the initial session, Dr. Urcelay evaluates what the correction will be like with a pre-fold simulator placed in the patient’s ears, and judges whether EarFold is the appropriate procedure for the patient.

What is the operation like?

It is a minimally invasive surgery performed under local anesthesia. It is an outpatient intervention and lasts approximately 20 minutes. EarFold is a very thin sheet made of a blend of nickel and titanium and coated with gold. It is placed with a device under the skin through an incision of 0.5 cm. It acts as a “staple” by folding the cartilage backwards.

And the postoperative?

The patient won’t need to wear a bandage and, compared to otoplasty, this technique causes much less discomfort. The patient can go back to his/her normal life immediately after the procedure.

Being an inert material, the implant is permanent.


Starting at 2.200 €, but it is advisable that your case be evaluated by Dr. Urcelay so she can diagnose the most appropriate treatment for your needs.

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