Aesthetic medicine / Chemical peel

Chemical peel

Treatment based on the application of chemical agents that renew the skin. It acts at different depths of the skin, depending on the treatment, and rejuvenates the appearance, provides luminosity, eliminates stains and acne, and attenuates wrinkles.

peeling químico
What is the process like?

In the initial consultation, and after a personalized evaluation, Dr. Urcelay will advise the patient on the most appropriate treatment.

What is the operation like?

Depending on the depth of the peel and the area to be treated, it can be performed in a single session or in different sessions spaced in time. Usually they are outpatient treatments that are done in consultation.

And the postoperative?

After the peel, it is necessary to keep the skin well moisturized with creams and avoid sun exposure. Its effect is not permanent, but depending on the depth of the peeling can be quite durable.


Starting at 300 €, but it is advisable that your case be evaluated by Dr. Urcelay so she can diagnose the most appropriate treatment for your needs.

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